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Period Care

Libresse® pads with SecureFit™ and DFC works together to deliver all round fit and better absorption as it is uniquely designed based on womens' curves to keep your pad securely in place making sure that it is a Ngam Ngam Fit!

Period Care

Daily Intimate Care

Beauty is more than skin deep, so why jaga muka sahaja? Jaga your V-zone daily with Libresse® V-Care! Also, Libresse® CurveFit™ liners are specially designed to keep you comfortable all day with the right fit that stays in place every time.

Daily Care

Our Innovations

SecureFit with DFC icon on a white background - Libresse


For a REAL fit and REAL protection for every lady's curves

CurveFit icon and text on a white background - Libresse


Designed to hug your unique curves. With a right fit that stays in place every time.

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Libresse® CurveFit™ liners are designed to hug your unique curves and fit everyday moments.



You have a facial routine. Why not have one for your intimate area too? All it takes are 3 simple steps!

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