Hi everyone. This is Bread here.

I'm not a parent yet but I have some tips to share on how you can teach your girl-girl about pads.

1. Don't play the waiting game.

Don't wait until she gets her period to teach her about pads. This is because in most instances, getting your period is already something totally new and shocking. It's your job to help her avoid more shock and confusion by preparing her in advance.

2. Don't tell her how to use a pad

Remember, if she's new to period, she will be new to pads. Don't instruct her and simply let her try it on herself. Show her how much you care by patiently introducing her to the different types of pads out there and how to use each one. This will go a long way in addressing all the concerns she has and will even help her be more confident when she has her period in the future.

3. Don't just give her the pad you use

The pad that's right for you may not be right for her. Every girl's body and preference will differ from one another. It's important to help her find the one that will make her the most confident and comfortable. Let us help you find the right fit here.

4. Show her that there's nothing to be embarrassed about

Yup, girls have all been through it – trying to hand over a pad to a friend in secret or hearing the loud rustle of your pad packaging in the toilet. These are things that used to embarrass women – not anymore. Make sure your daughter knows that there isn't anything to be shy about. 
Don't forget, parents. Through open communication and simple preparation with the tips above, you can help give your daughter confidence and strength when she needs them most.