Has your son ever felt embarrassed talking about period? Is he grossed out by it?

Yes, parents play an important role in educating their daughters about period, but boys need to know too. This is to ensure that they don't treat period like an unnatural event, and to avoid bullying and teasing towards girls, simply because of a lack of understanding. Come, come, let us teach you a thing or two.

1. It's a natural event!

When you're having “the talk” with your boy, it's important to help him understand that female menstruation is a biologically natural event. Every woman experiences it at some point. It's not something that is abnormal or disgusting – in fact, having your period means that a woman is healthy! Once they understand this, they won't think its “weird” or “gross”.

2. Teach them to be respectful

Come on. Having period is already so tough – imagine having boys laugh and tease you about it when you experience a leak or when you're doubled over struggling through cramps! That's why, as parents, it's good to teach boys to respect and consider the feelings of girls who are on their period. If boys are taught from young that they need to be understanding towards them, those who have their period can truly face it with confidence.

3. A helpful hand goes a long way

For boys, being seen buying pads for their girlfriends could be the worst thing in the world! But parents, you can help make sure that they're ready to help the girls in their lives, and in doing so, give them additional strength in facing their period. From young, teach them that they shouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with pads. 
With proper education for boys from young, we can help girls face their period with confidence. So, parents, let's do a part to help boys understand, and in doing so, make sure that period is not a taboo.