Hi guys. It's Bulan.

Do you remember how you were first taught about your period? It can be one of the most uncomfortable topics in the galaxy but let Bulan help you with some tips.

1. Be honest

No need to hide the word period, firstly. The way we talk to our little girls about period affects how they perceive it, whether as a natural bodily process, or as a shameful and scary thing. Calling period by its real name helps to eliminate embarrassment and instead, fosters acceptance. Share your own funny experiences with her. Show her that you've been through it too, and that there's nothing to be afraid of.

2. Reassure her

Some girls may be excited to get their period, some may be scared about it, but they all have concerns about it. This is the time when she needs you to calm her fears by addressing any concerns with facts and through listening. Some common concerns include what she can expect to experience, what symptoms are normal and what aren't.

3. Make a Period Kit

No one knows when she'll get her first period, so to help her feel prepared, make a period kit together. Go shopping with her. Show her all the things she will be needing for her first time. Get a small zippered pouch and put in everything she needs – heat pack, tissue paper, sanitary pads, liner. 

Teach her what to do when she needs to use it.

4. Help her track her period

Puberty can be confusing for both of you (it was for me too), but helping her track her period will help her understand herself and her body more. Try using a period app. There are many options out there, but not only do they track your menstruation schedule, it also allows your little girl to note down the emotional and physical patterns she's experiencing. 
See parents? Don't worry too much. You can do it! And if you need more advice and tips. Big Aunty and Bread (Mian Bao) also can help here.