Hi parents. Big Aunty in the house.

It's not easy trying to predict when you should have the period talk with your daughter, but it's definitely before she gets her period. Here are some good moments to bring up the topic.

1. When she starts asking questions about period

Remember when you were a child? Asking a hundred questions a day? Questions about topics like period shouldn't be ignored or pushed aside. They should be answered honestly, without sugarcoating it.

2. When you encounter scenes on TV

Another possible moment is during TV or video time – say your favourite drama series. Should there ever be a scene in which a character displays PMS, that's a good opportunity to bring up period (But perhaps, wait until the episode is over! Don't want to interrupt the feels).

3. When she's 8 years old.

It's the age right before girls usually start menstruating. It's a good idea to ease her gradually into her period by introducing various aspects one at a time, in a way that doesn't overwhelm her. Plus, it's important to help her understand that there's nothing embarrassing about period. In fact, both boys and girls should be taught about how to be considerate around friends who might be experiencing them.

Oooh! But don't forget yeah, whenever you choose to teach your child about period, just remember this – the most important thing to keep in mind is your tone and manner when telling them about it. We should be confident and inspired confidence in them. If we sound embarrassed or uncomfortable, the little ones will pick up on these emotions and likely mirror them.