Project V

Improving women’s intimate wellbeing worldwide with PROJECT V

The GVTT Report

The Libresse Global V Taboo Tracker is our ongoing research helping project, designed to better understand taboos around wombs, periods, and vulvas. Because understanding is critical to making change.

Know Your V

What’s a vulva? And how is it different from a vagina? We give you the lowdown on V-zone truths and related topics so you can bravely get in touch and love this amazing part of your body.

Get Your Fit

Imagine a world with only one size.

Let's Get Real

We all go about doing things everyday out of habit and accepting things as they are without being aware if they are REAL or NOT.


'Sup ladies? It's me, the Get Real Bro.

Period is Period

Big Aunty. Mian Bao. Datang Bulan

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