Period Myths

If you search "period" and "myths" on the web, you are bound to receive almost 60 million hits. Since we know a whole lot about periods, we figured we might as well bust some of all the myths out there. Check out the most common ones out there and why they are not true!

  • You can't go swimming when you have your period.

    1There is no reason to not go swimming when you have your period. With the right protection (tampons), your period is secured whatever activity you take on.

  • You should stay away from sex when you have your period.

    2Sex during your period can be a bit messy, but other than that it's fine if your partner is up to it. But remember that a period doesn't prevent the risk of pregnancy.

  • You can lose your virginity by using a tampon

    3Your virginity is a "status" that can only be lost by having intercourse.

  • Exercise is bad for you when you have your period

    4Exercising is good for you. If you have cramps during your period, exercise is actually the most effective cure! Having the right sanitary pad will go a long way in giving you the protection you need while exercising. Head on over to the Product Showroom to find the product that fits your needs!

  • You cannot get pregnant when you have your period.

    5Since it's possiblefor ovulation to occur during your period, it's possible for you to get pregnant when you have your period.

  • Your period comes every 28 days.

    6Cycles vary a lot - from person to person, but also from cycle to cycle. Especially in the beginning of your period you might experience very irregular periods (because ovulation hasn't really started).

    Other reasons for irregular period cycles are, for example:

    • Stress
    • Travelling between time zones
    • Strenuous exercise
    • Illness
    • Drastic weight change
    • Not eating well
  • Don’t wash your hair when you have your period

    7This is an old wives' tale and nothing to pay attention to. Believe us, it's totally alright to wash your hair when you have your period.

  • Some types of food are bad for you when you have your period.

    8Not true. When it comes to eating during your period the same rules apply as when you don't have your period: Eat anything you want, but remember that healthy food is called healthy for a reason.

  • You loose a lot of blood during your period and should therefore rest a lot.

    9You loose about four tablespoons of blood during your period. So no need to panic or lie down.

  • If you don't get your period you’re definitely pregnant!

    10Just like we mentioned when we talked about period cycles being very different, there are many factors that can delay your period:

    • Stress
    • Travelling between time zones
    • Strenuous exercise
    • Illness
    • Drastic weight change
    • Not eating well


    But if you've had sex, and your period is nowhere in sight: take a pregnancy test! That way you'll know for sure.

  • Women menstruating can catch a cold easily and should avoid cold water or iced drinks

    11Cold can make pain worse for some, but you will certainly not catch a cold by drinking cold liquids.

  • Women are always moody and irrational during menstruation

    12A lot of women (not everyone) experience some sort of PMS, but not all symptoms are about mood swings and irrational behaviour.


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