Where and when will I get my first period?

If you’re lucky, your first period will come on when you’re at home. That makes it easy. Change your panties and if you haven’t got prepared with sanitary pads, check whether your Mum (or your big sister, if you have one) have any in the bathroom cabinet. Easy as anything. If you don’t find any pads, just roll up a bit of toilet paper and pop that in the bottom of your panties until you can either dash to the nearest shop, or someone comes home to help you go and buy what you need.

Not everyone is so lucky. A first period can just as easily start when you’re at school, the cinema, in town, or at a friend’s place. If you want to make sure you’re covered, you can always keep a sanitary pad in your bag. But carrying one around for what may be years can feel a bit silly. After all, you never know how long it will be until your first period. If your period starts, and you don’t have a pad at hand, use the toilet paper trick. You’re most likely to find you’ve started when you go to the toilet, so you’ll have toilet paper available if you need it. Most women only have a brownish discharge the first time, so the risk of you bleeding through your clothes isn’t that big.

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