What is sanitary protection?

Sanitary protection involves using sanitary pads, which are fastened to the inside of your panties. Libresse Secure Fit is a unique type of sanitary pad designed to fit your body, and is shaped differently at the front and the back. Think of it like a shoe that’s designed to fit your toes at the front and your heel at the back. This sort of sanitary pad moves in just the same way as you do and stays where you put it to prevent leaks. It was different when your grandmothers were young, when their sanitary protection was attached to a belt that was fastened around the hips. Those were the days when you could really talk about a period being a pain!

There are different types of Libresse pad, designed to suit you whether you’re bleeding heavily or lightly. A smaller pad can be useful on the days when you’re getting just a few drops, while a bigger one is for when your period is heavier. For night-time, a longer pad is a good idea because when you’re lying down it’s easier for the blood to leak outside. You can use the same pad all night long. During the daytime, you should change your sanitary pad every 3 or 4 hours, but if you’re bleeding heavily, changing more frequently can make you feel more comfortable. The sanitary pad is designed with a core that absorbs all of the menstrual blood and make sure it stays in the towel without leaking.

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