Why are my feelings changing?

If your parents are suddenly getting on your nerves, or you find yourself crying or getting angry over nothing, your head’s full of crazy thoughts and your emotions are on a rollercoaster – relax. Everything is exactly the way it’s meant to be – annoying as that is! There’s just as much happening inside your body as out, when you go through puberty. You just can’t see it in the mirror. You might sometimes even feel like you’re two different people, who want different things and who think and feel differently. And in some senses, that’s exactly what you are – a child and an adult in the same body, swinging between the two.
All those hormones rushing around your body are bound to cause a whole heap of problems. One day, you feel like an adult but get treated like a child – the next day, it’s the other way around. And some days, everything just feels hopeless and no one, absolutely no one in the whole world, understands you. When that happens, try the following:

  • Remind your family that you’re going through puberty and that’s why you’re bad-tempered/angry/sad/weird. Then they can show a little more consideration.
  • Remind yourself that you’re going through puberty and that’s why you’re not behaving as you normally do. Then you won’t think you’ve gone mad.
  • Shut yourself in your room, put on your favourite music, and stare at the ceiling. Continue until you get bored.
  • Of course you’re entitled to behave strangely during puberty – it’s your hormones’ fault. But you can still try to bear in mind that it’s your hormones that are stupid, not your parents or siblings (usually, at least.) And of course it doesn’t help to know that millions of teenagers worldwide are going through puberty and feel exactly the same as you do. Or that it will pass. But it’s true.

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