How do I ensure my hygiene during puberty?

It's particularly important to keep yourself clean once puberty starts, not only when your period’s on, but all the time. You’ll be sweating more than before, particularly under the arms, so it’s a good idea to wash every day. You might sometimes think that you smell sweatier than you actually do. This may be because you’re a little unused to your new personal scent. If you wash once a day and use a deodorant, you don’t need to worry about smelling bad.

Wash your genital region every day, but go easy on the soap and shower gel because it’s all too easy for your delicate mucous membranes to dry out otherwise. Use a mild soap or just plain water. When you have your period, wash your genital region exactly as normal. If you’d like to reduce the risk of pimples or acne (and who wouldn’t?), wash your face thoroughly every morning and evening, using a mild soap and water. Unfortunately, the little nasties are hard to avoid, whatever you do. If you have loads of pimples, a doctor can prescribe medicine to treat them.

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