Let's Get Real

We all go about doing things everyday out of habit and accepting things as they are without being aware if they are REAL or NOT. There are the sanitary pad ads with girls wearing white, laughing and dancing, skipping around with joy - but, have you ever wondered how realistic these behaviours are when women are having their period?

The hardest thing about blind spots is that we don’t even realize that we have them…until someone points them out for us. So, how ARE “blind spots” on these ads impacting us?

The ‘Let’s Get Real’ campaign triggers women to rethink what is depicted as “realities” in sanitary pad ads as well as their period experiences and to start the conversation on the topic to dispel myths of it being a taboo subject. 

Every woman has a tale to tell about her period experience, and it can be very different from how it’s portrayed. In fact, nine out of 10 respondents feel that most sanitary pad ads are missing the mark. But if the ads aren’t realistic, then what is?

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