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Breaking taboos around periods, vaginas and vulvas. Supporting women through their experiences.

As girls, we’re told periods are unclean. If we don’t have periods, we’re told we’re not women. Womanhood can throw a lot at us, which is why we need more research, more conversation and more support. To get us through the pain as well as the pleasure, the bad with the good.

Words are powerful, but real change only comes with action.

PROJECT V is a change-driving initiative, improving women’s intimate wellbeing worldwide.

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Did you know?

of Malaysian women agree that we should feel comfortable talking about how painful our periods are.
2 in 5
Malaysian women think vaginal discharge is gross.
of Malaysian women say they’ve felt the need to apologize for the way their intimate area looks or smells when with a partner.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenging and often dangerous experiences women+ go through every day.

Woman with blue sky
Woman with blue sky
Welcome to our world

Women should live the life they want without fear or shame. Period.

Bodyform bloodnormal

We successfully campaigned for broadcast authorities to overturn their ban on allowing period blood to be depicted as red on broadcast TV.

SPOT education talk-show

We collaborated with Siti Aishah, the founder of Soroptomist Puberty Organising Toolkit (SPOT), a movement that provides Comprehensive Sexuality Education for girls. Together, we created an educational talk-show series for young women surrounding the topics of menstruation and V-Zone health.

Nosotras education

Our education programme is helping young girls understand how their bodies (and minds) are changing as they grow. The campaign has been running for 35 years and we reach 1,500,000 girls every year!

Nuvenia Round Table

The Essity team participated in the Round Table Conference with the Minister of Gender Equality, aiming to break barriers on Menstrual Hygiene.

Je soutiens Nana

The launch of ‘Viva La Vulva’ in France saw over 10,000 people petition for a ban, sparking the even bigger #JesoutiensNana movement to defend our campaign.

Student discussion in a classroom

For years, Netherlands has been making menstruation and intimate hygiene a topic of discussion in secondary schools by giving guest lectures. They also donate towels liners to the Voedselbank every quarter.

Other Project V Initiatives

Our purpose

To fight the taboos and stigma that surround women and their V-Zone.

We’re listening

We believe our bodies and experiences should be heard and that learning from each other can help us all. Which is why we’re asking women to share their #VulvaVisdoms stories and bringing them into the open.

Join the conversation

Read other stories and help break the silence by sharing your experience on social media. It’s time to make your voice heard.

We’re tracking

Our Global V-Taboo tracker is our ongoing research helping project, designed to better understand taboos around wombs, periods, and vulvas. Because understanding is critical to making change.
Women+ standing together with vulva illustration in the background

Designer Vagina

This is what a real ‘Designer Vagina’ looks like
Scene from short film

Tackling period stigma

Short films that give periods more screen time


Periods are Normal, Period Pain is Not