Wonders of the Womb

Explore the place where life begins in this one-of-a-kind virtual discovery by Libresse.

It's Time To Change

Welcome a new, simple way of perioding with intimawear™ by Libresse®. Combining the absorption power of TriTech Performance with the comfort and freedom of your normal underwear. Just put on intimawear™ by Libresse®, let your body do its thing and let the underwear do the rest.

Improving women's intimate wellbeing worldwide

Words are powerful. But real change only comes with action. Womanhood can throw a lot at us and sometimes we need support. PROJECT V is a change-driving initiative to support women through their experiences.

Vulva Visdom

We all have them, so why don’t we always feel comfortable talking about them? Sharing yours can be fun and freeing.

Understanding and Breaking V Taboos Around the World

The Libresse Global V Taboo Tracker is our ongoing research helping project, designed to better understand taboos around wombs, periods, and vulvas. Because understanding is critical to making change.

How Well Do You Know Your Vulva?

Are you confident enough to say you know everything about the vulva? Take the quiz to find out now!

Get Your Fit

Imagine a world with only one size.

Let's Get Real

We all go about doing things everyday out of habit and accepting things as they are without being aware if they are REAL or NOT.


'Sup ladies? It's me, the Get Real Bro.

Period is Period

Big Aunty. Mian Bao. Datang Bulan